Solar Power Projects

Our mission is to be the most affordable costs power manufacturer worldwide. We trade solar power in India on a fixed price agreement to our consumers, at best possible prices which in several cases. Since the start, we have attained a significant decrease in whole solar project cost, which comprises a substantial reduction in the balance of systems budgets due in part to our value manufacturing, design and obtaining labors.

We possess long-term technical know-how in offering high-quality Solar Energy Services & Fiersenergyinfra offer to the valuable customer. Our offered Solar installation service providers in Mumbai is highly esteemed by our clients.

We move forward with a great vision, to be a worldwide, ground-breaking and competitive Solar Energy enterprise and will offer our finest solutions to numerous customers ranging from small inhabitants to large corporate and also government sector clients.


FIERS offers individual and customized complete solutions for all solar system types, from Residential. Commercial and Industrial On-Grid, Off-Grid and Hybrid installations with Energy Storage capacity as per customer need. , We have solution from Residential. FIES believe in delivering proven high quality solar products, and we are able to guarantee continual performance and outstanding functionality.

Roof Top Solar Power Plant:
"FIERS Believe in Quality Solar Power"

FIERS can design fully integrated and customized Solar Roof Top power plants for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Sector. Contact us now For utilization of Solar Energy with most effective ways to save environment as well as Reducing Electricity Bill up to 80%.

Solar Water Heater:
"Save Energy & Save Water with FIERS"

Use Solar Water Heater to replace Electric Geyser and Saving as Energy Saver. It will help to save on annual hot water cost. Contact us for understanding more Benefits of Solar Water Heater.

Solar Street Lights:
"Join us to bright the Nation with FIERS Solar Power"

Solar or ordinary outdoor Light...... Wise Choice is yours! In recent trend GSM based Communication model with remote monitor and Control will give you automatic bright illuminations, easy for maintenance, Energy Saver. Contact us to know more about benefits.

Solar Water Pump:
"Water your plant with FIERS Solar Power"

Replaced your Ordinary Water Pumps by Solar Water Pumps to save cost of diesel and Electric Energy Charges. No worry of Motor Burn due to voltage fluctuations, Free from Power Cut issue. We will guide you to select Efficient, low maintenance and Economical Solar Water Pumps. Let’s Support Nation and Agriculture.

How does solar work?

With solar system

The storage system stores excess energy generated by your solar system during the daytime. At night, the stored energy will be released to power your home or facility.

Without solar system

At night, while the electricity rate is low, the storage system is charged by the grid. During the daytime, while the rate is high, you consume the energy stored by battery.


Solar installation service providers in Pune will use the solar energy in top priority, and if that isn’t enough energy, the supply will be switched to the public grid