Civil Projects

Fiersenergyinfra has been integrated in the year of 2016 by a clutch of specialists, is now one of India's construction multinationals fixated on building nationwide significant organization possessions.

Fiersenergyinfra has great activity parts comprise turnkey accountability for Roads, Highways and Urban Infrastructure (water, sanitation and sewerage, power/telecom transmission, towers, and commercial buildings).

Fiersenergyinfra has an exceptional business prototype, with confirmed proficiency in state-of-the-art philosophy, mission and cost management. We are concentrated on offering excellent quality task within planned time and costs, as obvious in the numerous awards and reprise business.

Civil company in Pune main objectives have also been to unceasingly wide-ranging base the effective portfolio and boost the order book, therefore inaugural new boulevards to development and productivity. We have also industrialized a correct composite of businesspersons and real-world professionals, continually considering & implementing state-of-the-art and cost-effective solutions to clients' requirements.


To provide to the client the finest solutions and widen activity base by expanding into other infrastructure corrections to maintain a healthy progress rate.


To obtain our goals in an environment of objectivity and politeness to our clients, workers, merchants, stockholders and the social order.

Our Strategy

  • Centering aggressively on development markets
  • Crafting abilities and competencies across administrative functions.
  • Joining, achieving and ridding to speed up strategy execution
  • Concentrating resources on the essential business.
  • Offering incorporated turnkey services and out-of-the-box solutions, an edge over players.
  • Capitalizing in in-house capabilities to create a high-performance philosophy.

Moreover to its huge spectrum of operations in the Construction and Infrastructure field, Civil company in Mumbai has a leading existence in the energy business in which it functions in the hydro, nuclear and thermal power sectors. Actually, Fiersenergyinfra’s connotation with the building of nuclear power projects long ago to 1959 when it is done the Pre-Stresses Concrete (PSC) Ball Tank of India’s first Atomic Reactor Plant in Trombay.

Our Strength

  • Great Trust
  • Essential strength in Contracting
  • Low Abrasion
  • Central Logistics
  • Automation
  • Market Credibility
  • Integrity and Principles
  • Sound Engineering Practice
  • Flawless record of Safety
  • No Disputes.


Project teams with satisfactory experience and prerequisite backed by interacted systems of management, logistics, and accounting, along with, a dedicated & involved topnotch management is following our specified mission as under:

  • To offer widespread Construction company in Pune and preferred quality, within the approved time frame.
  • Preserve corporate and particular success in every attempt through honesty and capability.
  • We persist in preserving high values by endless and weekly training both in-house and institutional.
  • Monthly physical and financial evaluation assists the organization and the teams in increase upon productivity through self-examination and joint conversation of experience & proficiency.


Great significance is involved to human dealings by offering rigorous security measures to project teams, close communication between personnel at all levels, combined management support to all subdivisions, labor welfare and worker benefits.

Join Us in Green Building Constructions to raise "Healthy Living Style"

We believe in Green Building Construction Environment & Rules and regulation. Our common objective of green buildings is to reduce the overall impact of the built environment on human health and the natural environment by efficiently using energy, water, and other resources, protecting occupant health and improving employee productivity, Reducing waste, Pollution and environmental degradation.

Let us build our society by all mean of our following services for Residential, commercial & Industrial Sector.

  • Green Certified Bungalow Construction Project.
  • Green Certified Row Houses Projects
  • Construction Project.