Fire Fighting System Project

"Protection is better than cure"

Fiersenergyinfra is a state-of-the-art Company committed and dedicated to fire protection systems, built to provide for the entire features of your industry. Founded in 2012, we accessed into the market with a wide range of products and services, working then with first-rate Industries and Clients and performing full integrity to jobs commenced. Over the years we have developed in business and ability and now take conceit in being able to offer India with a wide range of great quality products and services.

Our version to come across the market demand is reinforced by our norm, “OFFERING MORE THAN WHAT YOU PUT AWAY” plus effective technique of service to our Clients. Our mission to “SURPASS OUR CLIENT EXPECTATIONS” has completed just that and has assisted to cultivate, through a positive name a robust link with many of India’s Prominent Corporations and Institutions. We trust our strong point set in our ability to identify our customer’s requirements and offer them with a “SUPERIOR VALUE SITUATION” than what they presently have.

Fiersenergyinfra has an exceptional business prototype, with confirmed proficiency in state-of-the-art philosophy, mission and cost management. We are concentrated on offering excellent quality task within planned time and costs, as obvious in the numerous awards and reprise business.

Why us?

Unrivaled Quality:

Fiersenergyinfra is one of the top, facility management companies in Mumbai. Therefore we are well conscious of the existing altering picture and up-to-date with all the major activities in the industry. When we take your venture we do full integrity to it! Safety Focused: Started to work in the area of safety, we are style setters. We have industrialized strong safety systems and developments. We, therefore, diminish insecure activities to nothing. This will make sure that your work speed never diminishes.

Focused on Fire Protection Projects Only:

Fiersenergyinfra is in the fire protection industry in the meantime 10 years. We, therefore, have a sturdy relationship and dealings with almost all the decision makers. This interprets into an unhindered workflow in your project and the project is implemented to your fulfillment.

Fast Decision Making:

Fiersenergyinfra has two management and a parallel office structure. This allows us to take speediest decisions. Therefore this will diminish any postponements in your job that are needless.

Target Achievement:

The complete Fiersenergyinfra Team is continuously behind the project for fast achievement. Therefore projects with small time period can be implemented successfully. Thus your product lists continue unchanged and the factory can start production.

Systems And Processes:

Fiersenergyinfra has an expert tactic towards any site or client/adviser. Because of this we have built organizations and processed that make sure there are no drawbacks. Therefore implementing your job becomes very easy.

To provide to the client the finest solutions and widen activity base by expanding into other infrastructure corrections to maintain a healthy progress rate.

What's Special about Fiersenergyinfra Engineers?

  • One of the sporadic companies in India, not banned by any Client or Consultant.
  • The only Fire Service Provider.
  • Registered with Government of India.
  • Hi-tech systems, processes and personalized software’s for Project Tracking, Planning and Implementation.
  • High Concentration on Quality Management Systems (QMS) and Safety.
  • Obligatory Two training per month for Fiersenergyinfra Family Members

Fiersenergyinfra is ambitious by its enthusiasm in backing to the welfare and development of the country by averting the harm of life, assets and all at once boosting business steadiness using evolving technologies and positioning of eco-friendly extinguishing tools.