Power Projects

EPC projects are fully embarked on by the Fiersenergyinfra. The Fiersenergyinfra had developed through the incorporation of an existing Design Department, Engineering Procurement Department, and 4 EPC Management Departments. The segment offers potential customers a one-stop service epicenter for the application and implementation of comprehensive EPC power projects.

The Design Department was shaped in 2012. In its initial ears, the subdivision had offered industrial design services for projects start from Power Generation, Chemical Plant, Cement Plant, Sewage Treatment and many types of industrial plants. With the alteration in attention to Electrical company in Pune power projects; this division has now been fortified with the state-of-the-art electronic tools, comprising a widespread assortment of CADD and CAE software.

Our multi-organized design team can skillfully offer engineering solutions that are affordable at the same time as preserving a high standard of engineering fineness.

The major services are taken in-house by the Design Department are as follows:

  • Plant Engineering
  • Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering
  • Piping Design
  • Tanks and Vessels Design
  • Civil and Structural Design

The Engineering Procurement Department emphases on Global Sourcing considering aspects like Innovation, Technical Compliance, Suitability, Quality, Delivery, Operational Support, Service Support, and Competitive Pricing. A reasonable and rightful retailer assortment process is safeguarded by amenability with the obtaining measures enshrined in our Quality Management System.

The Material Management Process is significantly improved through incorporation with the company’s SAP system. The Engineering Procurement Department functions thoroughly with the Design Department and the EPC Management Departments to make sure buying of the Accurate Quantity of Material at best possible price, offered to Right Place at a complete proper time frame. The benefit is also harvested by teamwork with gaining purposes in the Group’s companies to make sure the strong support is delivered for our EPC assignments.

The 4 EPC Subdivisions are each supported by a highly experienced Project Manager who has been wisely chosen and accurately trained in the different management stages of EPC projects. An assortment of other associates of the EPC Management teams is likewise rigorous with highlighting positioned on earlier performance in handling the construction teams and with a certain emphasis on the individual’s extensiveness of industrial knowledge. The EPC Management teams have previously performed widely with construction teams from the Group’s companies and close interface makes sure that EPC projects are provided on time with the greatest quality of workmanship.

Our EPC segment offers a distinct point solution to the implementation of power plants together with project engineering, procurement, construction & commissioning for its patrons. Our EPC Segment is always emphasized intensely on the implementation of projects in Steel, Cement, Power, Refineries, Fertilizers, Oil & Gas, Fire Fighting, Effluent Treatment, general industry, and other divisions.

Offering single basis responsibility, the EPC segment pulls its power from the company’s outstanding track record in manufacturing production both in India and overseas. Electrical company in Mumbai projects have been distributed with top engineering practices offering the top quality standards and effectively coming across all the rigorous completion objectives. From offer engineering to post-commissioning start-up services – we manage everything. The EPC segment is organized into several functional groups including of proficient experts in all divisions of engineering, finance, contracts management.

FIERS's Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) is based on Quality Product, value added engineering for society, just in time project management-procurement philosophy and safe and efficient construction services, Recycling Solution. The services we provide include Consultation,System Integration and Customer Support Service.

We have a flexible approach and we offer the following independent solutions under the EPC space.

  • Residential and Commercial Electrification Projects
  • Industrial Electrification Projects
  • Transmission and Distribution Turnkey Projects
  • Inspection and Testing of Electrical System.