Fiersenergyinfra offers cutting-edge technical consultancy and expertise as well as also understand why to the wide-ranging scale of various requirements of the distribution industry. These services are associated with broadcast IT, studio set up, medic technology, audio, and video solutions and service and other associated features of the IT industry.

Basically, we offer Energy Audit Consultant in Pune workflow and technology associated facets to upcoming IT services; both local as well as nationwide.

A comprehensive range of Energy Audit Consultant in Mumbai is also offered to the present IT networks on how to increase productivity, lessen costs, become effective and flawless processes, effective use of products and process-restructuring. Fiersenergyinfra offers the best consultancy to by now existing companies of IT industry of cost-effective content formation team.

Fiersenergyinfra consultancy is also offered to production houses, content creation setups, live broadcast setups, radio stations. Fiersenergyinfra consultancy services are offered in the zone of RF, Teleport solutions, DSNG solutions, Digital Asset Management, New Generation content delivery modules such as Web/IPTV/Mobile TV, Digital Audio solutions such as Pro Tools and in the space of graphics and Compositing solutions.

With Fiersenergyinfra as information partner, patrons are can be assured of tried, verified and reasonable IT and media technology solutions for successful business consequences.

Our Strength

  • Our major strengths are our people – that fetch you state-of-the-art solutions provided through highly process determined coordination.
  • Established companies with major worldwide brands are an evidence of our assurance to quality service delivery.
  • We have committed teams of technicians, engineers and solution creators that develop and offer unmatched solutions.
  • Turn-around time and nil revises are some of our crucial strengths in business.

We can see renovation on a gamut, with competence or your capability to execute on one end, and working with converting your identity, the core of why you present as a company. We assist you to transfer your organization along this range, solving the value at every point – whether it's innovative tools and technology, process and function, structural structure, functioning model, business model or determination.

Our varied teams, pooled with our worldwide connectivity and knowledge of your industry concerns, motivate us to ask healthier questions. We then build state-of-the-art responses.

In addition, we offer the best results and long-term results, from stratagem to implementation.

How can an old-world business keep its market dominance in a new digital world?

We assisted a long-term vehicle re-marketer work superior by aiding to convert its business prototypical to keep speed with digital entrants and restored work its clienteles

We believe in Strategic Business planning, Feasibility, Process improvement, Project structuring, Safety Rules and regulations, FIERS can provide fully integrated design and engineering solutions. We offer following solutions to our clients:

  • Transmission & Distribution Power Project Management Consultancy
  • Energy Audit and Management
  • Load Flow Analysis and Precautionary Measurement
  • Earthing and Safety Consultancy
  • Illuminations Management
  • Harmonics Migration and Control
  • Preventive Maintenance Consultancy of System
  • Analysis of Failures of Equipment